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Generating Extra Income in Retirement

If you retired early, you may be faced with a problem: your Social Security payment may be insufficient to cover your living expenses. Perhaps you need to support your adult children or grandchildren. Retirement can

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tax break

Tax Breaks For Retirees in 2024

It’s important for retirees to utilize all of the tax breaks that are available to them. This is particularly true if you’re living on a fixed income; every penny matters, since you entirely depend on

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tax return

Preparing For Tax Season

Tax season is quickly approaching, so we thought we’d remind you about some of the things you can do to prepare. The IRS has taken steps to help people get the information they need to

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retirement job

Benefits of a Retirement Job

Believe it or not, many Americans make the choice to continue working to some extent during their retirement. Having a part-time or seasonal retirement job could be a viable method for generating more retirement income.

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401(k)s in 2024?

You’ve likely heard how important it is to save up as much as you can for retirement. After all, you don’t want to end up overly dependent on Social Security once you retire. Even if

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recession pushed to 2024 michael w hart insurance

Recession Pushed to 2024?

Economic experts, investors, and the Federal Reserve have been warning for the past year or so that a recession is coming. A recession is an economic downturn characterized by a significant and sustained decline in

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prolonged grief disorder senior couple

What is Prolonged Grief Disorder?

After you lose a loved one, it’s normal to experience feelings of grief for a long time. You may even feel this way for years following the loss: Grief affects different people in different ways.

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working into your 70s

Should You Continue to Work Into Your 70s?

An ever-growing number of older Americans have been continuing to work past the traditional retirement age. This is done either because they can’t afford to retire sooner, an unfortunate possibility many face, or by choice.

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social security benefits

The Future of Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration periodically analyzes the financial security of the program, and adjusts various factors to ensure its sustainability. However, it’s suggested by many reports that it will suffer a benefit reduction in 2033.

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