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I was recently asked, “Why do you do business with Micheal Hart”?

I have been to many financial presentations, as a matter of fact, I am a big fan of FREE dinners. It cost nothing but time to listen and maybe learn something new. I am retired, so time is what I have the most of. I have probably received in excess of 40 FREE dinners and many follow up meetings with financial advisors.

The financial presentation with Micheal Hart was different. I saw a man that had a background beyond the world of just finance and insurance. Although his work history was different than mine, I could easily relate to his personal struggles. His ability to overcome personal adversities reflected the same values in his work ethic. His work ethic and caring for others resulted into genuine trust. My personal policy is, “Never do business with anyone you do not trust.”

P.S. I brought my daughter into a meeting with Micheal Hart, as she is the executrix of my will and successor trustee to my trust. She immediately recognized his ethics and has moved her investments to Micheal Hart.

We were concerned that our savings wouldn’t be enough to get us through our retirement. The cost of living being ever increasing and our Social Security not keeping up, we didn’t know what to do.

We attended one of Micheal’s presentations 2 years ago and found how to not only protect our savings, but to grow them.

We also learned that many savings plans had hidden costs (fees) that were part of their plans. That, along with the risk factors of the stock market, which we have experienced in the past, eliminated those worries for us.

The information that we received was not a sales pitch as many of these programs are. It was fact-based and in easy-to-understand terms that helped us determine what was the safest way for us to guard and to grow our savings risk free.

Thanks, Micheal for giving us the information that has allowed us to feel secure in our retirement.

My name is Veronica Palacios, a retired professional who has had the privilege of working with Mr. Micheal Hart for the past two years. During that time, I found Mr. Hart to be nothing but professional and honest. He has presented me with a variety of financial opportunities that guaranteed 0 losses. That was music to my ears. I am happy to report that my investments have suffered no losses and I have seen steady gains.

I have never felt pressured or hounded to invest. Mr. Hart provided straight forward information, patiently explained the data, and dealt with me honestly.

If you are tired of losing money on your investments, I highly recommend Mr. Micheal Hart.

I attended a retirement seminar three years ago hosted by Micheal W. Hart, a local financial advisor. During the seminar, Mr. Hart addressed various retirement investment options to assist in reducing the risk of losing your hard earned funds in the stock market. Attending the retirement seminar with no obligations or sales pitch was the best decision I made. Mr. Hart assisted me with implementing my retirement portfolio that provides me and my family a fixed stream of income for the rest of my life. Prior to retiring, I highly recommend meeting with Mr. Hart to discuss all your concerns regarding your retirement plans or goals.

To future retirees, To let you know that my retirement date is this year (2024). I have set aside about 70% of my retirement funds with Micheal Hart in order to protect from the losses in the market. Micheal uses basic explanations on how your money will not decrease and give you protected income. I’ve heard countless seminars on retirement and annuity from various financial institutions, but Micheal made sense, no pressure to sell, just solid information. If you get a chance to attend Micheal’s presentation, do it! (the food is good too!)

p.s. wish I would it done it sooner to avoid 2020 losses

Michael Hart has been my fiduciary/investment partner since February of 2023. He is a humble, genuine Christian man, which is of the utmost importance to me. His investment advice is truthful and well researched. I find him easy to do business with and I highly recommend him for all your investment needs and questions. I invested what was, for me, a fairly large amount, so trust was very important. The return was more than I could have imagined it would be and I believe that it will only continue to grow in value.

My husband worked at one location for 50 years and had a 403B established for most of those years. The agent that serviced it would be available annually at the place of his employment to discuss any changes, but never suggested anything different than what we had signed up for regardless of what the market revealed. Just "wait it out", was what we were advised to do.

When my husband retired, we met with the same agent and were advised to transfer our money to a policy that would secure our funds and would never show a loss. Sounded good right? Well, the second statement we received did show a loss and I called the agent and she tried to explain what had happened, but to this day I do not know what she was talking about. All I saw was the money had gone out of our account.

Enter Micheal Hart, at this point my husband was 80 and I was 71, not a whole lot of years left to "wait it out". Micheal told us of a policy that would never show a loss and this company would give us 35% more money than we initially invested over a ten-year period. This is my second year with Micheal, and he has kept up with the market and suggests changes that would gain more interest on our investments. I have three policies with Micheal, and I am very happy with his service and besides our other agent never provided us with a free meal and a chance to play bingo and win prizes. I highly recommend Micheal Hart to anyone who wishes to secure their future in what should be their golden years.

We purchased our first annuity in November of 2022. Since then, we have acquired three more annuities from Micheal. Knowing that our investment is secure and will be there for us in our retirement is a great feeling.

As for Micheal...he simply is who he represents himself to be. He genuinely cares about his clients. He will go over the facts and figures until you understand the annuity and feel comfortable with the product with no high-pressure sales pitch.

Can we recommend this product? Yes. We are pleased with our annuities and their performance even in the current economic atmosphere our country currently finds itself in.

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